Irreconcilable Truths
Collector’s Edition

Only 100 copies of the Collector’s Edition are available.

Each comes with a signed and numbered limited edition print of one of Don McCullin’s most iconic photographs and is only available as part of this Collector’s Edition.

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Frame Master

Vol. 1
War &

The largest collection of Don’s journalism ever published, as chosen by Don. For each photograph he has identified a definitive print or, where none existed, has revisited the darkroom to create one. Printed to unprecedented standards with Don’s full oversight it features his most iconic photographs as well as previously unseen images. It includes his most recent, and possibly last ever war photography taken in October 2015 covering the Kurdish militia’s frontline with ISIS in northern Iraq.

– 576 Pages
– Casebound
– 370 x 300 x 55mm
– Tritone printing

Vol. 2
Still Lifes & Travel

A series of photographic essays that collects Don’s acclaimed chronicling of the English landscape; his beautifully constructed still lifes; travels through India, Africa and Indonesia; and his record of the Roman Empire’s ‘Southern Frontiers’, much of which is currently under threat of destruction by ISIS.

– 432 Pages
– Casebound
– 370 x 300 x 45mm
– Tritone printing

Vol. 3

Don’s acclaimed autobiography, originally published in 1990, now specially updated to take into account his life and career since. Fully illustrated throughout with rare photographs and items from Don’s personal archive, it provides fascinating context to the extraordinary breadth and depth of his work.

– 382 Pages
– Casebound
– 285 x 230 x 38mm
– Tritone printing